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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Literary Love

Dear Emma,

You're so funny and cute. I love the way that you get excited about books; the way that you laugh out loud after reading something funny; the way that you are now taking your time to sound out tricky words instead of immediately turning to me for the answer. You are now fully aware that, aside from containing great knowledge, books also hold adventures. You are always so excited on Fridays, that's the day that your class gets to check out books from the library. As a second grader, you now get to choose two books, and you always take advantage of that opportunity.

These days, you are all about this one book from The Black Lagoon Adventures (can't remember which). Your class was treated, and each of you got to bring it home. I think you read your copy at least a couple times a day. When book order time rolled around, we were both excited to see the newest adventure being offered, and a box set of past adventures. Since you are so in love with them, I decided to get all of them for you. I'm looking forward to seeing those big eyes of yours light up when you bring them home.

(side note: You wore your The Very Hungry Caterpillar shirt to school today. You happen to be a big Eric Carle fan too!)


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