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Saturday, August 28, 2010

You are So Loved!


Dear Emma,

You had a great first week of school. Actually, it was more like a great first few days of school since things kicked off on a Wednesday this school year. You were very excited to start a new school year. After reminiscing about your emotional last day of first grade, corresponding with your first grade teacher about your summer activities, and picking your first day of school outfit and hairstyle, you were all ready to begin your new adventure.

We made our arrival and located your classroom assignment. We searched for your new teacher, and in the process, ran into some old friends. To your delight, you had more than a few familiar faces in your new classroom.

You met in an embrace that told us parents that you kids had really missed each other over the summer break. Your later requests for play dates, and our later exchanges of updated contact information was a reminder that we all need to do more to stay in touch. I think you are in for a wonderful journey this year. You have already been assigned your class job, which you are very excited about, you're learning what will be expected of you this year, and you are settling into your new routine beautifully. I am looking forward to helping and watching your growth this year.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dandelions in the Summer Time Breeze


Dear Emma,

Last week you received a very special surprise. I had told you that your 1st grade teacher would be sending you some mail, and when it arrived you were eager to open it. The small envelop revealed a card, which had one of your favorite flowers imprinted on it.

You always take extreme care in combing over your mail. You like to examine the envelop to see who its from, if its addressed specifically to you, and anything else about it that might be interesting. And the contents undergo the same level of detailed inspection. You admired your card before opening it. You read it aloud, and rushed for my computer at your teacher's request to email her a reply. I told you that we'd get to it the following day.

You have been in a back and forth exchange with your teacher for the past few days. She's told you what she's done over the summer, you've told her how you've been practicing your art/drawing skills, along with your reading, math and journal writing, she's told you just how proud she is of you for incorporating learning into your summer vacation, and you've checked my inbox daily for any sight of her name.

And then you've reminded me how you need your own computer! And I've reminded you to talk to your dad about that.


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