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Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi Michael

Dear Emma,

You had a great Halloween weekend. We celebrated Friday and Sunday with a Halloween parade throughout or old neighborhood, classroom party, a Halloween carnival at the local YMCA, and of course trick or treating with friends! I think, to say that your costume choice was a hit, would be an understatement. You received endless compliments on your choice. People were even addressing you directly as Michael. People were requesting to take your picture. You even had a little guy following you around waving and chanting, "Hi Michael!" You gave him a wave back with your gloved hand. Oh my God, it was just perfect. You were just perfect. This weekend couldn't have been more perfect!

As you paraded with your class through the streets of our old neighborhood, you waved to the onlookers and their flashing lights.

You did your own little step and hit your own little pose.

I was a little regretful that I opted out of wearing a costume this year. I am already looking forward to seeing what you'll choose for next year, and you are already looking forward to the next couple of weeks passing by so that you'll get the chance to break out the socks and glove again for a friend's Halloween themed birthday party!


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