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Friday, October 29, 2010

Its Here!

Dear Emma,

Your costume finally arrived, after being delayed a day. I was a little nervous because it was so close to your school Halloween parade. I did not want you to be costume-less come today. No worries. The classroom snack is packed for your classroom Halloween party, your costume is all ready for you to get in to, and I have cleared space on the camera to capture it all! I still remember last year, when I filmed your parade. You were so happy, with your friends, skipping along, chanting a little chant, having fun. I suspect the same today. Unlike last year, today is a bit gloomy because it rained earlier. I'm hoping that the skies will stay clear so that everything is just perfect!


Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear Emma,

One of your favorite times of the year will be here soon. Halloween!! You are a sucker for Halloween. You love dressing up and showing off. Last year, you were Supergirl. And not that generic pink girly Supergirl either, but the real deal, blue and red, power fist in the air Supergirl. You rocked it too, with your matching trick or treat bag. And the year before that we joined forces as Batgirl and Catwoman. We were a neighborhood hit!

As much as you love Halloween, I have always picked out your costumes. Afterall, I do know exactly what you like. But this year, I thought it was about time that you made the decision of which skin you'd like to celebrate in. You had a few choices dancing around in your head. First Witch, then vampire, then paramedic. You thought long and hard about these before making your final selection. Come October 31st, 2010, Emma will become...


That's right. You decided that this year you are gonna break out the sparkly socks and glove, throw on the fedora and aviators, and moonwalk your way, door to door filling your treat bag. Ever since being introduced to Michael Jackson, via his untimely passing, you've been a die hard fan. You love his music and his dance moves. You make it a point to request his music when we are on the road, and you use your computer time to research his music videos on Youtube! You are very appreciative of art, and you are one of those people who has a very special relationship to music. More on that later. For now, we will be gearing up for your ultimate transformation!


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